The OZONATOR is the complete solution to your bio-hazardous waste needs. With zero emissions, ease of operation, quick cycle time and low operating costs the OZONATOR is not only a better solution but also a more cost-effective solution.

The functional part of this system is a combined process that loads un-segregated, bio-hazardous waste directly into the OZONATOR. All waste is collected by way of a plastic janitorial waste bin on caster wheels taken directly to the OZONATOR for processing.

The OZONATOR can be operated by almost any adult without the need for specialized training. It is an intelligent system of automated, computer logic and controls that is designed for maximum operator safety and convenience.

A touch sensitive computer screen indicates that the machine is on stand-by or ready mode. Two touch sensitive computer screen icons function as button switches to “START” and “RUN”. At the start up stage, the powerful on-board computer takes over and tests the system integrity by conducting a series of tests to make certain that the unit is sealed and ready to receive the next load of waste. Information on the load of waste to be treated is then recorded. Information such as the operator, time of day, weight of the load, etc. are all recorded in the on-board computer for later or remote retrieval.

After the computer has tested the entire system and any residual ozone contained within the receiving hopper has been destroyed, a lid on the top of the unit opens up to receive another load of waste. An integrated lift system lifts and holds the waste bin while the contents are tipped into the receiving hopper. While the lift mechanism is returning the waste bin to the floor position the computer starts the shredder motors and begins to fill the treatment chamber with a highly concentrated ozone fog. Once the lid on the receiving hopper has closed and the system is completely sealed, an internal control gate opens delivering the waste to the shredder.

As the OZONATOR shreds the waste, a sizing screen located under the shredding mechanism ensures that all pieces of waste are reduced to a size to ensure optimal exposure. During the entire process, the waste is exposed to a thick and highly concentrated fog of ozone gas.

After all of the waste material has been processed, the volume has been reduced by up to 90%. At this stage of the process, the material is now resting in a floor level chamber where it is automatically transferred into the sealed transport container.

At this stage the ambient ozone gas within the sealed transport container is still actively disinfecting the shredded waste. Even though at this point all biological hazards have been sterilized, this ongoing treatment speeds up the destruction of the molecular structure of any plastic or latex products in the waste.

Once the transportation container is filled at or near capacity, the transport container is detached and hauled directly to the sanitary landfill where it is emptied, returned and re-attached directly to the OZONATOR processing unit.