Weclome to Ozonator Industries

Welcome to Ozonator Industries Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of the OZONATOR; the best technology available for the sterilization of bio-hazardous waste.

The OZONATOR is a sterilization technology that doesn’t use heat, steam, microwaves or radiation to sterilize. Our newly released OZONATOR NG-3000 is the cleanest, safest and and most environmentaly friendly sterilization technology on the market today and now has up to 50% more capacity than previous OZONATOR models.  And oh yes, did we mention that it has ZERO EMISSIONS?

The OZONATOR is the ONLY technology to be verified by ETV Canada for the sterilization of solid bio-hazardous waste and has now also been approved by the State of California, the State of Florida as well as other regions of the United States.  Visit our DOWNLOADS page to view copies of some of the regulatory approvals or to download our latest brochure.

Environmentally Friendly

For a technology with such huge waste processing capabilities, the OZONATOR has an incredibly small environmental footprint.  Not only does the technology have ZERO EMISSIONS, but in that the OZONATOR is an immediate and on-site solution, we eliminate the need for special boxes and liners, refrigeration, special handling and trucking, etc.

Easy to Operate

In all aspects, the OZONATOR has been designed with ease of use and operator safety in mind.  It literally takes just minutes to learn how to run the OZONATOR.  The unit’s on-board computer system performs a multitude of checks and double-checks before each load is run and then monitors the waste processing and then logs the information for both future retrieval and remote monitoring.

Cost Effective

"Since the installation and commissioning of the OZONATOR NG-1000 in 2008, Union Hospital has processed in excess of 13,000,000 pounds (5,896,800 kg) of waste through the unit.  The OZONATOR system is operated twenty (20) hours per day and seven days per week at this location.

The waste is collected from all parts of the Union Hospital facility and includes regulated medical waste, pathological (anatomical) waste and regular kitchen waste. Union Hospital is able to process all of the waste on site without worrying about odors of the safety of their employees.

The waste is reduced in volume by up to 90% and the cost of the waste disposal has been significantly reduced.  Union Hospital has realized a total savings of more than $500,000.00 in hauling fees since the switch to on-site waste management using the OZONATOR technology." 

Douglas J. Smith - Director of Materials Management, Union Hospital Inc. 
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